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Winged Rock, 2019
Winged Rock, 2019

Part of the Pazugoo project, this work is based on research into the lands surrounding the HADES underground laboratory for research into long-term management of radioactive waste in the Mol-Dessel area of Belgium. Following meetings with local groups, the artist explored myths of the land with local cultural heritage expert Janna Lefevere, focusing on Mol, Dessel and neighbouring borderland Postel, location of excavated burial sites, and many narratives of spirits of the earth. The work aims to draw connections between the earth, these myths of the local underground and myths of planetary flight and escape. It uses the materiality of buried waste as an interscalar vehicle (Hecht) to navigate between the localised earth and the planetary entanglements of Uranium.

It takes the form of:

- A new Pazugoo figure based on the form of the 'winged rock'. This draws on the story of De Blauwe Kei, mysterious border stone lost underground in this area, combined with the demonic excess of wings of mythic figures of flight. The figure is designed from composite museum artefact scans, 3D printed in plastic and bronze, exhibited and proposed to be buried at the site as a future relic for the area.

- A poster diagram drawing schematic connections between myths of the undergound and myths of flight, localised encounters, deep time and planetary distribution.

- A video of landscapes, voiced by Lefevere with narratives of the earth.

This work was shown together as an installation at THE WORK OF TIME, at Z33, House for Contemporary Art in Hasselt, local to the HADES site, curated by Ils Huygens, supported by Z33.

video stills; designs in process for the figure; image of the poster diagram, installation of work. Z33